To give farmers the convenience, efficiency, and speed of notouch permanent grain movement usually found in commercial grain operations, AGI announces the C-Line permanent grain handling system. 

“Without a doubt, the agricultural work force continues to shrink. This is an issue for busy growers, who face increased pressure to do more with less. We are excited to launch the C-line permanent grain handling system for farm and light commercial use,” said David Wernsing, AGI Senior Director of Global Product Management for Permanent Handling Products. “This system is engineered to meet AGI’s highest manufacturing standards, and, most importantly, delivers virtually hands-free efficient grain transfer against the farm's high-capacity, seasonal harvest needs.” impact crusher

Commercial Grain System Features Scaled For On-Farm Use | AgWeb

Made in North America, the C-line is built from components including: 

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My father’s rule was, “Never walk past a grease zerk without greasing it.”

Scale tickets from elevators could soon be a document of the past. In the future, your grain could have all its characteristics filed digitally and accessed via a QR code as it moves through the supply chain. 

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Commercial Grain System Features Scaled For On-Farm Use | AgWeb

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