Editor’s Picks Showcase: Convenient Lanyards

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Editor’s Picks Showcase: Convenient Lanyards

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This event must-have adds style to badges and can be repurposed for identification cards and keys all year long.

According to the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, revenue in the U.S. market by the end of this year will hit nearly 80% compared to the end of 2019. Additionally, the Association projects that exhibition firms will generate revenue in the first half of 2023 at 97% of the same timeframe in 2019. Events are coming back in a big way after the dark days of the pandemic, and branded lanyards are ideal for large-scale events like conferences and trade shows, plus returns to the office.

This recyclable paper lanyard has a leather look and feel. Made of durable paper that’s flexible, comfortable to wear, water-resistant and can be integrated with other eco-friendly materials.

Perfect for employees and college students, this 1-inch wrist lanyard (LY1801) keeps ID badges and keys within easy reach. It can also jazz up a security pass for an event or serve as an eye-catching luggage tag.

Looking for an eco-friendly accessory? This hemp lanyard (HEMPSP34) is 100% biodegradable and demonstrates a company’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. Sure to be a hit among environmentally minded clients.

This ¾-inch sublimated lanyard (LS34MST) stands out with its multicolor design. Featuring a silver-tone metal crimp and split keyring, it has applications for exhibitors and attendees at trade shows, conferences and seminars.

This custom polyester woven lanyard (Lanyards) is a practical and convenient giveaway for concerts and networking events. Stitched with thinner woven threads, it’s ideal for complex designs. Choose from a variety of attachments, including J-hook, lobster claw, bulldog clip, cell phone loop and split ring.

Retail stores and corporate events are a great fit for the Elite+ detachable lanyard (DD-EPLUS). It has a solid oval clip and comes in a variety of colors to suit any branding.

This 7/8-inch ultra-smooth lanyard (LN106) will add some promotional power to keys or company IDs. Sturdy and comfortable to wear, it comes with a J-clip, bulldog or split-ring attachment.

Sustainable bamboo fibers are woven to create this soft textile lanyard (BAM3/4-F). The OEKO-TEX 100 certified material makes it an ideal eco-friendly promo option.

Logos will really pop on this sublimated lanyard (LANYARDS-DS75) that can accommodate intricate details, sharp edges and smooth color gradations. Includes a metal crimp and split-ring attachment, making it a convenient addition to any conference or sporting event.

Adding some flair to credentials is easy with this patriotic ¾-inch sublimated lanyard (DS-PD-SS). Choose from four different attachments. Think school groups and Fourth of July parade volunteers.

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Editor’s Picks Showcase: Convenient Lanyards

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