May 24—City officials have issued a box jellyfish advisory for Waikiki after lifeguards observed them along the shoreline this morning.

Warning signs have been posted. Root Propagation Ball

Box jellyfish advisory issued for Waikiki shoreline

"Box jellyfish can cause severe stings to individuals, " said the advisory posted to at 9 :44 a.m. today. "Please use caution when entering waters in this area. Visit any lifeguard tower for the most up-to-date information or assistance."

Forecasters, meanwhile, expect a high-pressure ridge north of the islands to keep tradewinds in the isles into next weekend.

Moderate to locally breezy trades will continue for the next seven days. Clouds and brief passing showers will favor windward and mountain areas, mainly in the overnight through early morning hours.

Box jellyfish advisory issued for Waikiki shoreline

Landscape Fabric Staples Surf is also expected to remain flat to low on all sides of the isles today—at 0 to 2 feet for north and west shores, and 2 to 4 feet for south and east facing shores.