Copeland Now Builds CO2 compressors at 2 U.S. Plants | ACHR News

The first Copeland CO2 compressor to be built in the U.S. was recently assembled at the company’s plant in Rushville, Indiana. Marking the occasion, from left, are Jake Heitkamp and Jeff Lichty, program management directors in Copeland’s refrigeration division; Nick Cox, program manager, CO2; David Bersaglini, vice president and general manager, refrigeration; David Mansell, manager of the Rushville plant; Heidi Tipton, procurement lead; and Rene Betance, vice president of refrigeration manufacturing.

ST. LOUIS — Copeland has announced regional investment in the manufacture of its compression products that are qualified for use with the natural refrigerant CO2 (R-744). Matsushita Compressor

Copeland Now Builds CO2 compressors at 2 U.S. Plants | ACHR News

Copeland has expanded the production of its CO2 semi-hermetic and scroll compressors, currently being built in Mikulov, Czech Republic, and Cookstown, Ireland, to two of the company’s North American locations.

Manufacturing recently began in Rushville, Indiana, on the Copeland 4MTLS transcritical and 4MSLS subcritical CO2 semi-hermetic product lines; simultaneously, the manufacture of Copeland ZO(D) CO2 scroll and digital scroll compressors commenced in Sidney, Ohio.

This change comes as the industry anticipates accelerated adoption of CO2 refrigeration technology being driven by food retail businesses pledging sustainability targets and needing to comply with environmental regulations, a press release from Copeland said. There has also been additional growth in cold storage infrastructure.

Bringing CO2 compressor manufacturing to North America will help Copeland’s OEM and end-user customers more quickly achieve their sustainability and regulatory compliance goals and build out their cold storage infrastructure as product lead times shorten and CO2 compression is implemented within new store builds and remodels, the company said.

“The investments we are making in our facilities, supply chain and people in North America will allow Copeland to increase production capacity and flexibility,” said Dave Bersaglini, vice president and general manager of refrigeration at Copeland. “Positioning operations closer to customers and improving delivery times will allow us to be more responsive, providing customers with local support to help ensure their success.”

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Copeland Now Builds CO2 compressors at 2 U.S. Plants | ACHR News

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