CNC Machining Parts in New Energy Vehicle

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CNC Machining Parts in New Energy Vehicle

As the new energy vehicle industry becomes more competitive, efforts to implement data-driven manufacturing technology and advanced machining tools will increase to meet high-performance standards. As the electric vehicle market grows, the demand for machined components such as gear wheels, transmission components, compressors, battery cells, and trays will increase exponentially. This involves tighter tolerances in machining processes and advanced/updated grinding, milling and drilling methods.

3.1 Machining parts in vehicle body and chassis system

Several parts of the vehicle skeleton or chassis are made of plastic polymers nowadays, where molding technology plays an important role. The frame or main structure of a car is made of metal alloys with high impact and tension resistance. However, laser CNC machines aid engineers in the manufacturing process of roof panels, bumpers, fenders, and other components part of the car's body system. 

3.2. Machining parts in vehicle braking system

The braking system in new energy vehicles is quite similar to the internal combustion cars, with the only difference being that electric vehicles use an electric-powered system to trigger the brakes. However, if the power supply runs out or fails they still have the regular hydraulic brake system installed.

The main parts of the braking system such as braking pads, brake discs, plates, studs, and bearings are often mass-produced with CNC machines with lathes and milling tools. Especially those with tight tolerances such as wheel bearings and adjustment ratchets.

3.3 Machining parts in the vehicle steering system 

A key part of the steering system in any automobile (new energy vehicles and conventional vehicles) is the steering gearbox. Gearboxes are also part of the transmission system with shafts and gear components allowing vehicle movement. These parts are also manufactured with CNC machines (mostly drills and mills).

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CNC Machining Parts in New Energy Vehicle

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