All appliances in PlateUp and how they work - Gamepur

One of the most complicated parts of PlatedUp is all the different items you use throughout the game. There are over 75 different appliances that will help you create the best-run restaurants on the interwebs. On the flip side, that’s a lot of appliances to learn about on the fly while playing. So, to make the game a little easier, here’s a comprehensive list that runs down all the appliances in PlateUp.

Players use these items in their kitchens to satisfy hungry in-game customers. These will be your bread and butter while acting as a PlateUp chef. Customized Grabber

All appliances in PlateUp and how they work - Gamepur

Caring for cranky customers is a chore, so knowing your dining tools is the only way to make that job easier.

The later you get into a PlateUp game, the more trouble cleaning and customer filth will cause you. So, instead of trudging through floor grime, try out these appliances:

Some people try to play the game of fully automating their kitchen. If that sounds like you, these are some of your necessary tools.

The guests can be the most frustrating part of PlateUp sometimes, so getting some control over their behavior can be a huge help in staying ahead of the chaos.

Upgrades are a great way to work with what you’ve randomly been given and make something even better, so know how to use these tools in your kitchen arsenal.

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All appliances in PlateUp and how they work - Gamepur

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