15 Best Things to Do in Hanover County, VA

Hanover County is located in the state of Virginia.

The population in this county reached 109,979 as per the 2020 census. GO Kart

15 Best Things to Do in Hanover County, VA

The county was created on November 26, 1719, in some parts of New Kent County.

It was named after the Electorate of Hanover in Germany.

Hanover County was mainly developed by planters.

It was also made popular by American statesman Patrick Henry and is known for the old Courthouse at Hanover Courthouse.

Hanover County also maintains Civil War battlefield parks located on the North Anna River and Cold Harbor.

Aside from this, the county has much more to offer, which you'll find interesting and enjoyable to explore.

Here are the best things to do in Hanover County, Virginia.

Rural Plains is a historic farmhouse in Mechanicsville.

Also known as the Shelton House, it was registered at the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

Rural Plains can be traced back to the 1660s.

You'll easily recognize this house through its brickwork, Greek Revival trim, doors, and windows.

This house was greatly damaged during the Battle of Totopotomoy Creek on May 30, 1864, and some of the damages can still be seen today.

Kings Dominion is an amusement park on Theme Park Way in Doswell.

It is home to some of the best and most exciting rides in the state.

Kings Dominion offers over 60 rides, attractions, and shows perfect for the whole family.

It also has a kids' area and a water park.

One thing you shouldn't miss out on here is its Jungle X-pedition, where you'll get to experience an ancient jungle civilization through a roller coaster ride.

Other popular rides are the Dominator, Twisted Timbers, Flight of fear, and Racer 75.

Just like any other amusement park, Kind Dominion also has a lot of food and drink stalls where you can grab a snack.

Your little ones will also have a memorable time in this amusement park's Planet Snoopy which features 20 different rides.

Kings Dominion’s 20-acre waterpark is also a must-try.

It has water slides, wave pool splash pads, a lazy river, cabanas, and more.

Lloyd Family Farms is nestled on Pinhook Road in Rockville.

It offers a variety of fun experiences that allow you to discover what it feels like to live on a farm.

Among these are farm animal petting and hay rides.

Lloyd Family Farms is also known for its 50-acre pumpkin patch, which is highly visited by locals and tourists every Halloween season.

You should also check out their 10-acre corn maze, where you and your loved ones can play and explore.

There is a designated play area for little kids as well as vendors that sell kid crafts and other delectable goods.

Lloyd Family Farms is surrounded by colorful flowers and butterflies, but make sure to leave no trace and respect the tranquility of the surroundings.

Due to its homey and relaxing atmosphere, this farm is a popular wedding spot.

Ashland Theatre is located on England Street in Ashland.

This historic theatre and performing arts venue aims to bring quality and artistically crafted performances to the community.

Here, you'll get to experience a classic American movie house through live acts, films, and live music.

Ashland Theatre was dedicated in 1948 to Ashland.

This theater hosts other events like discussions, lectures, and presentations, especially for students.

In addition to art performances, you can also participate in Ashland Theatre's unique community-based programs, one of which is a sensory-friendly film series for kids.

Poor Farm Park is a 205-acre park on Liberty School Road in Ashland.

This park features relaxing nature and mountain biking trails.

It also has football and baseball fields.

Poor Farm Park allows you to experience the beauty of nature and play your favorite sports with friends, all in the same location.

You can also use its sand volleyball courts and horseshoe pits.

After all these activities, you can rest in one of its picnic shelters and enjoy the rest of the day bonding with friends and appreciating the beauty of nature.

Hanover Wayside Park on Hanover Wayside Road in Hanover is perfect for a picnic session with loved ones.

It has two picnic shelters surrounded by tall and lush trees.

You'll also love exploring Hanover Wayside Park's walking trails while kids will enjoy its playground.

Hanover Wayside Park also serves as home to the Hanover Veterans Memorial, which honors military personnel who got killed during World War I.

Aside from that, you can also find horseshoe pits and volleyball courts in this park.

Pole Green Park is a multi-use facility on Pole Green Park Lane in Mechanicsville.

It offers a wide selection of amenities such as picnic areas, playgrounds, a community center, and walking trails.

The trails at Pole Green Park are worth the visit as they will lead you to beautiful spots where you can go birdwatching and see butterflies.

The park also has a dog park for off-leash dogs.

It has a six-foot fence as well as benches and water stations.

If you're a runner, you can use Pole Green Park’s Cross country running course, and if you want to play other sports with friends, you're also welcome to use its sand volleyball court and skate park.

RED VEIN Escape is located on Robinson Street in Ashland.

It is owned and operated by Kitty Barnes, Ryan Sligh, and David Hayworth, who also run the Ashland Haunted History Tours, which you can visit just outside of this attraction.

If you love solving problems and answering mind-boggling questions, this multi-themed escape room is perfect for you.

RED VEIN Escape's escape rooms were artistically crafted with unique and immersive storylines.

You can choose from Hunt for the Richmond Vampire, Phobia, Escape From 20,000 Leagues, and Escaping Krampus.

RED VEIN Escape also has murder mystery games such as Romance Off the Rails and Camp SL-Ashland.

This attraction can also be the next location for your birthday, bachelorette, or company party!

Cold Harbor Battlefield is a 50-acre park on Anderson Wright Drive in Mechanicsville.

This historical site will take you back to the site of the clash between Confederate and Union forces.

You can visit this park via a driving tour.

Cold Harbor Battlefield also has hiking trails that allow you to explore the area at your own pace.

These trails are also wheelchair accessible.

Along the way, you'll see some Civil War trenches and rifle pits with informative signages.

Picnic areas are also available within Cold Harbor Battlefield, where you can rest and enjoy meals.

Courthouse Park is a small park on Courtland Farm Road in Hanover.

It offers three lighted and four non-lighted multipurpose fields and picnic areas.

What makes this park unique is its fishing pond, where you can pass the time while waiting for your catch.

This pond also has a floating dock.

Just like any other park, Courthouse Park also features a half-mile walking trail and playground for your little ones.

It's also home to the Matthew and Daniel Barton Memorial Roller Hockey Rink.

Castle Glen Winery is located on Narrow Path Trail in Doswell.

This winery offers a vineyard tour where you can see how wine is processed from the seed to the vine and the bottle.

You'll also see the entire wine-making process, which involves nurturing the flavors and style.

Castle Glen Winery hosts other events like karaoke nights and watercolor painting classes.

Its tasting room also allows you to sample wines in a casual and laid-back setting.

It also has a Bubble Bar where you'll get an eight-flight tasting of France's finest and authentic champagnes.

North Anna Battlefield Park is a 172-acre park on Verdon Road in Doswell.

This is where the May 1864 Battle of North Anna happened.

North Anna Battlefield Park features six miles of trails leading you to rifle pits, trenches, and historic markers with interpretative signage and information about them.

Just keep in mind that this trail involves steep hills and uneven terrain.

North Anna Battlefield Park also has picnic areas and bird-watching spots.

Hanover Vegetable Farm is situated on Ashland Road in Ashland.

This farm is where you can buy the freshest produce, meat, seafood, and other delicacies.

It also sells landscaping tools such as gravel and mulch.

Hanover Vegetable Farm is mainly famous for its festivals, including the Strawberry and Wine Festival, Apple, Cider and Bluegrass Festival, Gourds, and Goblets and Ghouls Festival.

Concert series, barbeque fests, and fireworks shows are also hosted here.

During the Halloween season, this farm transforms into a pumpkin patch that families and groups of friends come by to enjoy.

Hanover Vegetable Farm is ADA-accessible and has a lot of staff on-site to assist you with your needs.

Ashland Museum is a historic museum on Hanover Avenue in Ashland.

This is where you can find some preserved documents and collections that reflect the rich history and culture of Ashland.

Ashland Museum also contains photographs and other old objects which are carefully preserved and displayed in its gallery.

You can also participate in its walking tours, where you'll learn about Ashland's history through photographs, audio, architectural information, and other treasures in the museum.

Aside from that, Ashland Museum also hosts musical history talks where a guest singer presents original ballads about the history of Ashland.

Ashland Berry Farm is located on Old Ridge Road in Beaverdam.

It was established in 1978 and since then has become one of the top destinations for landscaping and gardening needs.

Ashland Berry Farm offers various services like designing and installation, landscape maintenance, cleaning, and more.

It also sells several aquatic plants like water lettuce, hyacinths, and papyrus.

Koi, comets, catfish, and tadpoles are also for sale.

Ashland Berry Farm also has pond essentials, fireplaces, fire pits, an outdoor kitchen, and patio and deck decorations for sale.

Hanover County is a must-see destination for tourists, especially history buffs.

It is dotted with beautiful and exciting attractions—from parks, vineyards, museums, escape rooms, and more.

If you want to recharge and take a break from all the chaos of work and everyday life, a travel adventure in this place is a must.

15 Best Things to Do in Hanover County, VA

Horse Carousel Make sure to try all these best things to do in Hanover County, Virginia, on your trip.